W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and Growth) by Digital Wallonia is an investment fund, specialized in financing digital startups and managed by the S.R.I.W.

But W.IN.G isn't just about providing seed capital, it also has an Investment Committee composed of serial entrepreneurs that act as mentors and offer coaching if necessary, as well as access to a network, to a developing community and to our partners' services.
W.IN.G supports the Wallonia Digital Strategy that aims to make our region an area of digital excellence.


W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and growth) by Digital Wallonia was created in 2015 as part of the S.R.I.W. This investment fund is the financial arm of the "Stratégie numérique de la Wallonie" (Wallonia Digital Strategy) that aims to support investments in Wallonia.

The S.R.I.W. brings its experience to W.IN.G in this sector. It is already active in various digital companies such as Odoo, Cluepoints, Whatever, A Capella, and was a shareholder of Selligent and Softkinetic, two companies bought by key players in the industry in 2015. The S.R.I.W. is also a shareholder of French funds dedicated to financing startups, Serena and Partech entrepreneurs, so that it can facilitate contact between startups in Wallonia and these funds and help share analytical tools for various projects.


In addition to financial assistance, the S.R.I.W. therefore also offers Walloon startups access to both public and private investors from Belgium and abroad, with a huge number of businesses present in its investment portfolio.


The S.R.I.W. aims, with the creation of W.IN.G by Digital Wallonia and its investments in future Walloon digital treasures, to contribute to the creation of a digital ecosystem, in the same that it has already, for example, contributed to the emergence of a biotech ecosystem.